Friday, October 30, 2009

"Be Inspired, Inspirable and Inspiring"

I recently attended a two day business seminar that had several excellent keynote speakers as well as many break-out workshops ranging from how to get with this thing called "Social Media" to "Collecting your Accounts Receivable". After listening to the kickoff breakfast speaker (John DiJulius) I decided to attend his workshop on "World Class Customer Service". I could not be happier that I made that decision. John knows his stuff and he presents it in an easily understandable way. I am going to list some of the "must do's" that I took away from the workshop and that I want to implement at our company

"Stop Making Excuses": Customers and employees want results that benefit them, not excuses.

"Lose the Losers": Pretty self explanatory but in a nut, you are who you hang with whether at work or play. Make sure you are hanging with people who inspire you and have what you want.

"Lead an Extraordinary Life, so others will as well": The more you improve yourself and your surroundings, the more you raise up those around you.

"Never point"...Always show": When a customer asks you if you have something or where to find it, take them there, don't point!

"Never say NO"...Always say what you can do.

"Never say NO PROBLEM"...Always say "MY PLEASURE or "ABSOLUTELY".

"Never Gossip"

"Never carry on a personal conversation in front of a customer": They really don't want to know nor do they have the time to wait for you to finish the conversation.

ALWAYS "Beat the Greet": Be the first to say hello to everyone.

"Your SMILE is part of your uniform". It is not optional. It is as important as your clothing.

"It is not our fault"...but it is our problem": It may not be your fault at all but if it effects your customer, it is your problem. Maybe you shipped exactly what the customer wanted on time and per their instructions but the delivery company messed up and lost it. Don't tell them that now it is the delivery companies problem...fix it!

I am sure all of you can relate to times when you were treated well like the advice above or perhaps not so well. We are going to work hard to make sure you get "World Class Service" every time you deal with CPF. If you experience anything different than that, I beg you to call me directly at 216-898-3510 x 1125 and tell me. I would not mind hearing the good stuff too!

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