Monday, March 23, 2009

Buy Flowers at a Local Florist

As I travel around the country and meet with our customers, I am hearing more and more that traditional retail florists are getting the word out to consumers to "buy flowers from a local florist". With Internet searches, it is very easy to find a local florist yourself if you want to send flowers to someone outside of your own local area. The reason to buy flowers from a local florist in the town where you want them delivered, is that you will get the best value this way. You will not be paying all the "middle men" a cut of your purchase price to take the order and send the order (to possibly the same local florist you might have chosen if you looked yourself) who then has to produce and deliver your purchase for considerably less money than you actually spent. Obviously, now knowing this everyone can understand why the delivering florist can not give you as big and full an arrangement as you would expect to get when you paid for the order. As a wholesaler, we support our customers efforts to get the word out. We need our customers to be financially fit and watching many of them try to survive on orders where they are not paid full mark up is a formula for disaster. Tell your friends to BUY FLOWERS FROM A LOCAL FLORIST! They will be glad they did.

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Kcronquist said...

I couldn't agree more with what is being said out there. Florists, Chambers of Commerce, even the federal government seems to be encouraging consumers to "buy local first."

Obviously you know what I'm going to add here, which is only one word to say, "Buy LOCAL flowers from a LOCAL Florist."

Chances are those "local" flowers will be CA Grown.