Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Retail Round Table"

A few months ago our company began to hold "retail round table meetings". We invited our customers to come to our wholesale houses, share a simple meal and sit down in an informal atmosphere and participate in an open discussion to share ideas, success stories and anything that they felt like talking about. We start with a topic (like weddings, holidays, etc...) and just let the ideas and comments flow. So far everyone seems to enjoy and benefit from the meetings. We get many positive comments and many of our customers ask when the next meeting will be. 

What I really like about our customers is that they are not afraid to share good ideas or tips that make them successful. It is tough out there and they may be sitting with competitors but still they are open and willing to help each other. They also help us with ideas that we can do to be a better supplier and partner to their businesses. 

The flower business is special. We deal in emotions... happiness, celebration, memories and even grief. The people in it are special too.

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Marjorie said...

Hi Kev, I think you have started something wonderful and I hope you receive many comments. I will tune in several times a week and catch up with you. Hugs, Mom