Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter - Yesterday and Today

I miss the Easter's I remember as a kid. My Mom would buy each of us kids a new outfit to wear to church and we would all wear a flower (carnation corsages for me and my brother and an orchid for my sister and Mom). My Dad was at work at the wholesale house on Easter morning because in those days customers needed last minute flowers to fill all their holiday orders. We were not the only ones who celebrated Easter with a flower and dressed in our "Sunday best". Churches and afterwards restaurants and homes were filled with people just like us and for some reason I remember the weather was always sunny and warm (that part has to be selective memory!) We would go visit and celebrate (including a great Easter dinner) at Grandparents or Aunts and Uncles with other family members. We would make a day of it.

This Easter we will still go to church in the morning but few there will dress much differently than the previous Sunday. I'll be able to count on one hand the people with a flower on their dress or lapel. We will have a "nice dinner" at home and maybe all of my kids (2 are grown up and 3 are still at home) will stop by for part of the day. 

What happened? Why did we let this great tradition slip away? I miss it.

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